We do everything we can to minimize damage and shortages on your freight.  As a result. our claims ratio is less than 1%.  However, should an error occur, we work diligently to resolve the problem. 

If you need to file a claim with RTS, you may contact Greg Zaharias at to request a claim form be e-mailed to you..  The form may also obtained on the RTS "Forms" page

  1. Freight claims must be filed with RTS within 9 months after delivery. In cases of concealed damage, RTS must be notified in writing within 15 days of delivery or the claim will likely be declined.
  2. Attach a letter of explanation if there are any special circumstances.
  3. Provide a copy of the signed delivery receipt, original invoice, invoices for repairs or replacements, and pictures (if available) when filing a claim.  
  4. If sending pictures, please send them via USPS or email.
  5. RTS will send an Acknowledgement of Claim when claim is received.
  6. RTS will not accept responsibility for damages beyond the value of the goods that are the subject of a claim.
  7. RTS will request applicable salvage rights prior to any settlement. If salvage rights cannot be obtained by RTS, this claim will be declined.
  8. Freight charges must be paid in full prior to settlement of your claim. Applicable freight charges should be included in your freight claim.

Questions regarding your claim should be directed to Greg Zaharias at